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How to Save Your Marriage Starting Today… In The Privacy of Your Home.

save your marriage 1You CAN save your marriage starting today… even if only one partner wants to.  

There is hope for you and your marriage. There are no perfect people, so….there are no perfect marriages. However, there are many happy marriages in which couples need marriage help and choose to learned basi principles of living, loving, and enjoying married life together with their spouse………. Falling in love all over again. That can be you!

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Many couples need marriage counseling, but they are too embarrassed or can’t afford $75-$100 per hour! What if I told you that your marriage could turn around and you could have a happy, loving, and vibrant relationship for a small, small fraction of that cost? Would you take a chance and read our free material, and check out the primary, cutting edge, marriage saving method that we promote below? And….what if there were a great chance that you could save your marriage without the cost of numerous $75-$100 per hour couples sessions?

Marriage troubles can happen to the best of people – wonderful people. The problem is that great people go into marriages but are unprepared for the type of relationship skills that are required to succeed. Hang with me and let’s take a look and see if couples therapy can help.

Do you have one of these types of marriages?

  •  A marriage that is rolling along but isn’t really thriving and growing as it should. You have more arguments than you should. Your home is not a place of peace that it should be. However, you have just accepted a mediocre existence and have trudged ahead together.
  • A marriage that has begun to struggle tremendously. Maybe there are strong and bitter arguments and disagreements, and the emotions run so high from time to time that one or both partners think it might be better just to get out of the relationship. However, you still try to trudge on.
  • A marriage that has come to an absolute emergency mode and you must act quickly to save it.    Here we have a couple where either husband or wife has decided that a divorce is necessary, the marriage problems are too overwhelming, and they are beginning to do the research or take the steps to put the divorce process into motion. To get to this place could have involved all sorts of issues, and perhaps years of being inattentive to the principles that make a marriage strong. Or, as we know, to get to this place, unfortunately many times the husband or wife has been unfaithful to the other spouse. However, as much pain that it can bring, many couples survive and rebuild a fulfilling marriage – if they make wise decisions, even after an affair. news! Either of these types of marriages can be saved, built to thrive, and couples can learn how to truly love their spouse, to respect their spouse, and mutually meet the needs of the other.

Thousands of couples on the brink of divorce have saved themselves years of the terrible heartache that a broken family can bring to the couple, especially if children are involved. You can discover how to bring back the love, the spark, and begin to thrive as a couple! It can happen!

Please, please read on!

We are here to help you, to encourage you, to get you back on the road to a peaceful, joyful marriage so that your life’s pathway will not cross the heart wrenching pain of seeing this document.


Wouldn’t you love to solve the marriage problems, and see the love and joy restored in your relationship? It’s not too late. But, here is the secret. You have to take the correct approach. You can’t take the same couples therapy approach that can sometimes only yield a 20% success rate! Your happiness is more important than that! 

Well, you are on a website called Couples Therapy Today. So, obviously, you need marriage counseling or couples therapy right? Well yes…..and no. Hang with me just a bit longer and see why that contradiction might just be the key to getting your marriage back healthy and vibrant. word “therapy” is defined as  “treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.” And, yes, to heal your marriage you need some type of change or treatment to restore a broken marriage. But here’s the problem. There are way too many providers of “Couples Therapy” out there who are missing it in terms of how to lead a couple through productive marriage therapy. As a matter of fact, you may have even tried “couples therapy”(marriage counseling) and your relationship is not any better, or has even gotten worse. 

Did you realize that some studies show that almost 50% of couples that go through couples therapy end up in divorce proceedings, and that only 10 to 20% may see significant help from counseling? That’s not to say that a couple should not participate with a counselor who has proper training with couples (emphasis on proper training with couples). There are quite a few counselors who have very good skills dealing with an individual, but when it comes to the specific art of dealing with couples, many are not properly equipped.

Many times you will hear that if a couple will just communicate better, then that’s the key to repairing the marriage. Here’s the truth that we need to understand. There are a lot of people out there who can help you to communicate better with your spouse.

But, if that is the extent of it, or that is considered the key to it, then a couple will just be better and more equipped to be more articulate as they argue, and fuss, and fight. Make sense? It’s not simply about communication. And if a couple happens to get a counselor who is not as equipped as they should be, then they are just stretching out more fights and arguments over weeks and weeks, as they are only getting a few tidbits each week from their counselor…..and their marriage is going down hill fast.

So, what is the answer?

  • Realize and believe that it is not too late to save your marriage. It’s important for your emotional and physical wellbeing to believe that it can happen. It’s happened for many people and we would like to help.
  • Realize that you can’t afford to wait any longer to take action to save your marriage. If you are already taking action and it’s not working, then realize that you just might be doing the wrong things and it’s time to try something else.
  • Realize that it’s going to take more than good communication to save your marriage. Many counselors will focus a lot of communication, and that’s important. However, many more skills have to be developed. Saving a marriage is more than just repairing communication problems. 
  • Realize that, even if it’s only you who wants to, it’s still very possible to save your marriage! Countless marriages have been saved with the proper techniques and principles…even, at first, if it’s only one of the partners who has a desire to do so.

Okay, are you ready to get back on the road to being happy and fulfilled in a great marriage?

We have put a lot of tips and encouragement for you on this website. And you may be one of the fortunate ones who finds a great counselor who understands the basic principles to save a marriage, and helps you keep it strong. However, the best thing I could do for you right now is to get some professional quick startmarriage saving materials in your hands.

  1. What if you could get the proper, quick start, marriage saving principles in your hands right now, within minutes?
  2. What if you could get started on an action plan to save your marriage and start the steps to rebuilding your marriage minutes from now?
  3. Would you like to get started with real life, tried and proven relationship saving steps today?

And remember – we are talking about the steps to save your marriage no matter if you are just in the beginning stages of marital problems or if you are scheduled to sign the divorce papers tomorrow. Now, to the answer…..please stay with me. This is the real deal. Not long ago I discovered some of the best marriage saving strategies I have ever seen. They are from the respected relationship expert, Dr. Lee Baucom.

Dr. Baucom is a successful relationship coach and marriage expert with an extremely high success rate. I wish that every counselor had the expertise that Dr. Baucom possesses. His phenomenal Book, Save The Marriage” contains the most common sense, cutting edge marriage help you will find. Step by step he leads you to a positive result in whatever crisis or pre-crisis your marriage may be going through. I promise you, I have never seen someone put this much great marriage saving information in such an inexpensive package. I mean really inexpensive.

Okay, enough for my thoughts. Here are Dr. Baucom’s packages that I hope, and pray that you will consider.

2 Powerful Marriage Saving Options

These top quality, marriage saving strategies come in two different forms.

1. Save The Marriage savethemarriage book overThis is the most well known of Dr, Baucom’s Marriage saving systems. It is strong, solid, and wise counsel that outlines the steps to mend your marriage and reconcile your relationship regardless of one’s religious beliefs. You will find that there are marriage saving principle in “Save the Marriage” that many couples’ therapists do not understand. And Dr. Baucom will teach you what to do, even if your spouse has no desire to reconcile. Click HERE for more information about how to get started now to save your marriage (included the all important QUICK START GUIDE).

2. Save Your Christian Marriage saveourChristian marriagecoverSince I am a Pastor, you might guess that I might be fond of this one. However, both books on this page are full of marriage saving steps. This one will provide the same, practical marriage saving steps as “Save the Marriage,” however, it incorporates more spiritual and Biblical references. Click HERE to check out this life changing product. (I am confident and can sleep well at night by recommending either one of these incredible marriage saving products).


Please don’t put this off. All of us have struggles in our marriage from time to time, but unless you are dealing with very, very minor issues, I highly recommend you check out these inexpensive programs. And if you are in deep marital trouble, please, please act now.

Blessings on your marriage and thank you for visiting our site!

Brian Sloan

Founder of

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