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Emergency Quick Start Marriage Help
One of the things that is unfortunate about the traditional model of marriage counseling is the number of weeks and months that it takes to get through the proper counsel, training, and sessions. Much additional damage can be done in that time if the counselor does not know the wise steps to take and how to navigate the couple through their trial as quickly as possible. Many times a couple is in emergency [...]
Hope For Common Marriage Problems
The expectations are certainly high when two people get married. With the excitement of the wedding planning, the wedding day, the honeymoon and many other things can soon give way to worries, fights about money, struggles with jobs, communication problems, and other common marriage problems. And when children are inserted into the mix, then you have an entirely new set of challenges for which most [...]
5 Steps In Seeking Proper Marriage Help
It's going to happen. We are going to have arguments and disagreements with our spouses. Neither husband or wife came into the marriage perfect and neither will ever be perfect. There are the highs and the lows. In terms of seeking marriage help, it may come down to just how low we allow the lows to go before getting help. Disagreeing and having a normal argument every now and then is pretty common [...]
Reasons For Divorce
In today's society you can pretty much get a divorce at will. However, there is quite a bit of debate among all sorts of people groups and different religions as to what actually constitutes true grounds for divorce. We're not going to debate that here, but let's talk about some of the common reasons for divorce among couples. The breakup of a marriage usually comes after a long struggle with one [...]
Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy?
Is there a difference between Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling? Well, there are professionals who distinguish one from the other. Obviously if a couple has chosen to live their lives together and not commit to marriage, it would be hard to label their sessions as marriage counseling. Some would say that's just semantics. However, you may have guessed by now that at CouplesTherapyToday, we [...]
How to Have a Happy Marriage
It's a bit silly to think you can write and article entitled" how to have a happy marriage." Volumes have been written through the ages, but here are some things that we find to be helpful. Having a happy marriage is a dream that we all start out with in our marriages. And it certainly is possible. You can meet the expectation of a long, fulfilling and happy life together with your partner. However, [...]
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