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Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy?
Is there a difference between Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling? Well, there are professionals who distinguish one from the other. Obviously if a couple has chosen to live their lives together and not commit to marriage, it would be hard to label their sessions as marriage counseling. Some would say that's just semantics. However, you may have guessed by now that at CouplesTherapyToday, we [...]
Why Are Couples Seeking Online Marriage Counseling?
Online marriage counseling is a rarely recent development in the last decade or so. Sometimes it can be a list ditch effort to keep the marriage together. Or, perhaps the internet savvy couple may go there to start with. Sometime a couple may scope out online marriage counseling because they may want to avoid the embarrassment that may come from going to a regular counselor in their city where they [...]
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