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“Save The Marriage” E-book
  In his e-book, "Save the Marriage," Dr. Lee H. Baucom wades through much of the well intentioned counseling techniques available and gives couples the needed steps and principles to put them on the road to saving their marriage, and even making it better than it was before.  "Save the Marriage" offers marriage partners a diverse range of methods for mending a marriage, making it more healthy, [...]
Dr. Lee Baucom
Lee Baucom, Ph.D.,Relationship Expert Dr. Lee Baucom is a nationally renowned author in marriage and relationship subjects. He has been an expert in marriage counseling for over 20 years. He is also a Pastoral counselor and his techniques have been shown to have an extremely high success rate. His work has been seen in places like Newsweek, NBC, Men’s Health, ABC, 2020, and Dateline. With [...]
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