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Stained Glass IIWhen a couple is facing the uncertainties and hurts of marriage problems, some turn to counseling that is faith neutral. In other words the particular counseling method is not associated with any particular identified religion, but simply based on whatever relationship therapy that particular counselor may have to offer. Many therapists do not infuse religion into their counseling. However,  many couples who have come up in the Christian faith seek Christian Marriage Counseling.

However, for many people who are involved in the Christian faith, they prefer to have counseling that is based on teachings that are found in the Bible. Obviously, this is not something that is believed by everyone, but Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God given to mankind. As many other religions have their beliefs, Christians believe that the Bible gives principles of how to live life here on earth and have eternal life as well.

There are many primary principles of marriage success that cross various lines of faith and there are some common marriage success principles that can be found with a therapist who does not lean to one particular faith or the other. However, those who want to have their counseling infused with the standards from the Bible will many times choose Christian Marriage Counseling.

As a Christian pastor, it is my preference that a couple seeks help from someone who is qualified as a Christian marriage counselor and uses biblical scriptures as the cornerstone for the counseling. However, there are some very good pastors, Christian leaders, and other ministers who are very good at teaching, preaching, and well trained to serve in many areas, but aren’t well trained as marriage counselors.

A minister who has a degree in theology or some other type of seminary degree may have some counseling training. However, for most, marriage counseling is not the focus of their degree. Competent ministers help guide a couple and family through many troubles and they serve faithfully in our communities. However, more and more ministers have realized that their training in the area of marriage counseling is not as deep and detailed as it should be for the difficult marital situations couples face today. So, it is very common for even some of the finest church pastors to refer a couple to someone who specializes in Christian Counseling.

I have good friends who are pastors and they are very good in the role that they fulfill in their particular church. However, some of these same friends will admit that their primary training is not in marriage counseling. Therefore, they act wisely in referring couples to Christian counseling specialists who have years of experience and training in this area.

If you or one of your friends is having marriage problems and would like their type of couples therapy to be in the form of Christian marriage counseling, then we suggest that you take a look at the great and encouraging help that is offered in “Save Your Christian Marriage.” This resource is not only a practical, biblically based approach to mending marriages, but it also is an absolute value in terms of the amount of help you get for the money, especially if you are on a tight budget.

The quick start portion offered in “Save Your Christian Marriage” by itself can help stop the downward cycle that leads to divorce. For those who want Christian marriage counseling, we highly recommend this resource.

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