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Lee Baucom, Ph.D.,
Relationship Expert

Dr. Lee Baucom is a nationally renowned author in marriage and relationship subjects. He has been an expert in marriage counseling for over 20 years. He is also a Pastoral counselor and his techniques have been shown to have an extremely high success rate.

His work has been seen in places like Newsweek, NBC, Men’s Health, ABC, 2020, and Dateline.

With his Ph.D. and two Masters agrees, Dr. Baucom has become a veteran in Life Coaching and Marriage Therapy.

He is also well versed in community building and personal coaching. Lee Baucom’s techniques are based on the very basic principles of relationship success and can be used by couples of various or no religious beliefs. However, as a minister, he has great teaching skills based on the Christian doctrine.

When Dr. Baucom began his career as a marriage therapist, he noticed that many couples who came for counseling did not find solutions to their problems as needed in their counseling sessions. Therefore, he realized that he had to develop a more sound and accurate method of helping troubled couples through their crisis. As such, he developed his cutting edge system system that has been distributed to thousands to overcome their marital problems.

His clients have showed to have a staggering 89.7% success rate!

Dr. Baucom is married to his beautiful wife for over 22 years and is happily blessed with two children. He finds inspiration for his work through his faith, marriage and his own family. Being a counselor for over 22 years has given the doctor the proper skills and resources to help many troubled couples. Combining his knowledge with the personal experience he has gained using his techniques, he has written two Books entitled Save The Marriage and Save Your Christian Marriage.

His book “Save The Marriage” focuses on tried and proven marriage saving principles that can bring great help into a troubled marriage regardless of the particular religious belief system of the couple.

Dr. Lee Baucom has also written another great book on marriage called “Save Your Christian Marriage.” This book focuses on the same solid technigues that have been proven to work for thousands in his previous book. However, “Save Your Christian Marriage” is for those who choose to have a version of the book that contains further Biblical references and spiritual illustrations.

Dr. Baucom remains a great expert in the field of relationships. His practical and solid techniques that are consistently used to bring marriages back strong, combined with his success rate, would make his techniques well worth checking into for those couples who need the excellent help that his methods will provide.

Worship Pastor, Educational Leader. Husband, Father, and lover of God.

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  1. ed pierce says:

    His methods are the best around! By creating a plan that fits each individual couple and their situation, he is able to be more effective and not waste as much time as most counselors do.

  2. aubree says:

    I thought that I had never heard of Dr. Baucom, but then I realized that he was the speaker in an online resource center about saving your marriage even if you are the only one who wants it. Your blog brings us so much good information!

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