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emergency floatOne of the things that is unfortunate about the traditional model of marriage counseling is the number of weeks and months that it takes to get through the proper counsel, training, and sessions. Much additional damage can be done in that time if the counselor does not know the wise steps to take and how to navigate the couple through their trial as quickly as possible. Many times a couple is in emergency mode and need immediate steps to take.

Many people who have come to the end of their rope need immediate help. They don’t have time to wait for several weeks to get on a counselor’s schedule. And that doesn’t mean that they should not schedule with a well trained counselor. However, sometimes the emotions are so high and the difficulty level so great that one or more of the spouses need some quick start emergency help. And they need it now.

That is when online help can be a great and possible marriage saving solution. And the good part is that because of the digital world, that help can be available in minutes rather than days or weeks.

Each of Dr. Lee Baucom’s methods, “Save the Marriage” and “Save Your Christian Marriage,” contains a quick start guide. These contain quick start marriage saving steps to do in various situations. What should you do in situation A, or what do in situation B, or a number of scenarios.

In an emotional marriage crisis, time is of the essence. I would encourage your to take advantage of these quick start guides by clicking on either Save the Marriage” or  “Save Your Christian Marriage.

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4 Responses to “Emergency Quick Start Marriage Help”

  1. ed pierce says:

    Just listening to him talk makes me think that I can make my marriage a better one. I don’t think it is that bad off any more.

  2. aubree says:

    The first link is where I first learned about Dr. Baucom and how helpful he has been for many couples. If anyone reading this is still in doubt, don’t be. He is a true miracle worker!

  3. He has a much better track record than most and the correspondence I’ve had with him has really impressed me with his attitude and ethics. Seems like he is definitely the real deal.

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