How to Have a Happy Marriage

It’s a bit silly to think you can write and article entitled” how to have a happy marriage.” Volumes have been written through the ages, but here are some things that we find to be helpful.

Having a happy marriage is a dream that we all start out with in our marriages. And it certainly is possible. You can meet the expectation of a long, fulfilling and happy life together with your partner. However, there is no exact formula or science for marriage. There are, however, basic principles, many of which are talked about on this website, that form the foundational components – certainly love, understanding, patience, communication, and learning your partner well.

Just like any other partnership, marriage takes sacrifice, devotion, hard work and commitment to make it work. Couples who marry with the intention of keeping a long-term commitment should realize that there are some techniques that they should learn and employ to have the relationship continue to grow and blossom. Here are a few tidbits hich can help towards having a happy marriage.
Be best friends– Think for a moment about the best friend you had during your youth. Can you remember how you used to share all your secrets? Can you remember how your best friend was the first one you ran to when something good happened, or when something not so good happened? Are you treating your spouse the same way? Is your spouse the one you run to first whenever you need someone you can talk to?Do you share your dreams, your secrets and your fears?

Practice tolerance- Do you let your partner’s idiosyncrasies bother you, or do you overlook them and decide not to let his or her imperfections bother you? You need to be tolerant since nobody is perfect, and nagging your partner about his or her imperfections can only bring problems which are greater than the initial problem. However, learning to properly communicate those issues is very important.
Forgive– You should be quick to forgive. Everyone make mistakes, and sometimes you may be hurt because of it. If you are hurt, you should be quick to forgive, and do not hold a grudge, and constantly bringing up past mistakes will only cause unnecessary trouble and pain.
Avoid criticism as much as possible, and then do it positively- No one likes criticism, and it can be counterproductive to do so. Being overly critical of your spouse will not help in creating a happy marriage.
Have a mutual faith in God. Living God’s teachings will bring peace to your marriage and life and peace brings happiness so find a spiritual connection in your church and let God’s teachings be the foundation of your union.
Look at your partner with spiritual eyes– See your partner as someone who is special and loved by God, even if there behavior is sometimes not good. This doesn’t justify the behavior, but realize that you both are God’s creation.
Spend time alone with each other- Spending time alone is very important for happy marriages. Spare some time to be alone. Go out for a drive, to eat, or a walk. Have time for the two of you.
Love always -This is self-explanatory. Love always means just that. It doesn’t always mean a warm fuzzy feeling. A marriage should have unconditional love. Do not use it to manipulate, but use it to bring fulfillment and happiness into your union.
Certainly some of these things may come easy to you while others are very hard. You should not let the list overwhelm you. Work together with your spouse and, as best friends, you can conquer and learn how to have a happy marriage that you desire.

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  1. These are great tips! Who doesn’t want to have a happy marriage, i’m sure all of us want one. It is important that we practice all these things in order to keep a happy marriage. Love and respect should ways be present. When there is respect, there is love, when there is love there is happiness.

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