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savethemarriage2In his e-book, “Save the Marriage,” Dr. Lee H. Baucom wades through much of the well intentioned counseling techniques available and gives couples the needed steps and principles to put them on the road to saving their marriage, and even making it better than it was before.  “Save the Marriage” offers marriage partners a diverse range of methods for mending a marriage, making it more healthy, and staying together in a happy, healthy marriage. He uses his vast education and 20 plus years of experience to provide a winning formula for even some of the toughest and hardest marital situations. 


Target audience

Dr. Lee targets several groups of people who have problems in their marriage. This book can help those who are having minor problems or emergency advice for those on the way to sign the divorce papers. And, as an additional plus, Dr. Baucom’s advice includes what to do if there is only one spouse who has a desire to keep the marriage together. The advice is meant to strengthen spouses who wish to stay strong in a relationship regardless of the mood and wish of their partners.

Couples who always facing constant quarrels and fighting will greatly benefit from the wise and proven techniques found in this book. 

Some couples feel like things have gone on so long that they have no idea what to do other than to end the marriage. Dr. Baucom opens up a whole different world of thinking to those.  Dr. Lee provides solutions to this that many counselors will overlook.

Strengths of the book

 The book is clear, easy to understand and is taught with authority. It isn’t taught in an encouraging way, but Dr. Baucom will be directly honest with you when you must take a certain step of action to get on the path to save your marriage and make it flourish.

The solid principles and steps outlined in this book will cover most any situation of marital problems. Some of the modules included are:


Module 1: “The Top five Things NOT to Do When You Partner Wants Out” Report

Module 2: The Quick Start Guide To Saving Your Marriage

Module 3: Save the Marriage Core Component

Module 4: Down-N-Dirty Guide to Saving Your Marriage


If that weren’t enough, these free bonuses are included:


Bonus 1: Coping with a Midlife Marriage Crisis (Audio)

Bonus 2: Recovering from an Affair (Audio)

Bonus 3: 5 Rules for Fair Fighting Report

Bonus 4: A very Special Bonus Book, Change of Heat by Paul

                 and Jennifer Thibeault


These and many more interesting subjects on how to save The Marriage may be found on his website. Remember it is an e-book and ready for instant download so you can start immediately implementing its principles.

Those who read the “Save the Marriage” will benefit, be challenged and get needed hope and encouraging instruction to give them the motivation and inspiration to forge ahead, attempt to avoid the pain of divorce and renew a happy marriage.  Many couples have benefited from the book and enjoy their marriage. 

No counselor, no method, and no book saves every marriage, but the success rate of Dr. Baucom in exceptional. I highly recommend this.

To hear more from Dr, Baucom about “Save The Marriage,” CLICK HERE.


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