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saveyourChristianmarriageI wanted to write just a bit about Dr. Lee Baucom’s Christian Marriage book, and do a “Save Your Christian Marriage” Review After I had been a blogger for a couple of years or so, I became interested in branching out into various topics of writing. And helping people save their marriages is one of those things I wanted to do.

I had found the very popular “Save the Marriage” E-product by Dr. Baucom, and since I don’t promote any affiliate if I disagree with their tactics, I got in touch with Dr. Baucom to see if he would let me have a preview copy of “Save the Marriage.”

Well, very soon he got back with me and gave me the information needed to download “Save the Marriage.” And as I have said, it is some of the best marriage help material I have ever seen, probably THE best. It doesn’t matter if you are religious, not religious, or whatever, Dr. Baucom relates wise and timeless relationship principles that has saved thousands of marriages.

However, in my communication with Dr Baucom,  I found out that he not only had a Ph.D, but he had his Masters of Divinity, which is the primary degree that many Christian pastors get. So, he is very well versed in the Bible. Therefore, Dr. Baucom had the experience and knowledge to write a book called Save Your Christian Marriage.”  And that is exactly what he did. This was a version of his more famous marriage saving product, “Save The Marriage” except more formatted for those adherence to the Christian Faith.

“Save Your Christian Marriage” teaches incredibly solid marriage saving principles as you would find in his better known “Save Your Marriage” book. However, for those who desire more Biblical and Christians references, this book of Dr Baucom’s offers those and teaches the conflict resolution techniques in an overtly Christian manner.

I can highly recommend either book, but if you want a book that is written for a Christian marriage or for those who want to have a Christian marriage, then click on the link below.

Click here to immediately start saving your Marriage using Christian principles with Dr. Baucom’s “Save Your Christian Marriage”

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  1. ed pierce says:

    It’s so nice to see an honest review of a book, especially one such as this that can help so many people. I am unclear, is this one available as an ebook also?

  2. Sorry I missed this one. Yes they both are available in the ebook format. Thanks so much!

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