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Why Do Men Cheat?
The pain and feelings of betrayal after a husband has cheated on his partner is one of the hardest things to over come. Can it be overcome? Yes. We understand that no marriage is perfect, however, knowing that both men and women have their faults never justifies infidelity or does it excuse it in any way. We believe it is wrong and extremely painful. It is a poor decision that can forever harm the [...]
Common Emotions of Surviving Infidelity
Two people come together and pledge to spend the rest of their lives building something bigger than they are, many times with children coming as a blessed natural result. Certainly, even the best of couples aren't going to have all sunshine and roses. Obviously million of fine couples will work through hardships and be better for it in the end. However, surviving infidelity can be quite different. [...]
Surviving An Affair
If you are a person of faith you will probably believe that marriage is one of the oldest institutions ordained by God. I certainly believe that. If you're not a religious person, I hope you will read on anyway. These encouraging thoughts and principles will help those who are religious and those who are not. Marriage is supposed to be treated with the dignity that it deserves. There are many struggles [...]
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