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Common Emotions of Surviving Infidelity
Two people come together and pledge to spend the rest of their lives building something bigger than they are, many times with children coming as a blessed natural result. Certainly, even the best of couples aren't going to have all sunshine and roses. Obviously million of fine couples will work through hardships and be better for it in the end. However, surviving infidelity can be quite different. [...]
5 Steps In Seeking Proper Marriage Help
It's going to happen. We are going to have arguments and disagreements with our spouses. Neither husband or wife came into the marriage perfect and neither will ever be perfect. There are the highs and the lows. In terms of seeking marriage help, it may come down to just how low we allow the lows to go before getting help. Disagreeing and having a normal argument every now and then is pretty common [...]
Reasons For Divorce
In today's society you can pretty much get a divorce at will. However, there is quite a bit of debate among all sorts of people groups and different religions as to what actually constitutes true grounds for divorce. We're not going to debate that here, but let's talk about some of the common reasons for divorce among couples. The breakup of a marriage usually comes after a long struggle with one [...]
Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy?
Is there a difference between Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling? Well, there are professionals who distinguish one from the other. Obviously if a couple has chosen to live their lives together and not commit to marriage, it would be hard to label their sessions as marriage counseling. Some would say that's just semantics. However, you may have guessed by now that at CouplesTherapyToday, we [...]
“Save The Marriage” E-book
  In his e-book, "Save the Marriage," Dr. Lee H. Baucom wades through much of the well intentioned counseling techniques available and gives couples the needed steps and principles to put them on the road to saving their marriage, and even making it better than it was before.  "Save the Marriage" offers marriage partners a diverse range of methods for mending a marriage, making it more healthy, [...]
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