Why Are Couples Seeking Online Marriage Counseling?

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-couple-consults-talking-to-psychologist-image24242740Online marriage counseling is a rarely recent development in the last decade or so. Sometimes it can be a list ditch effort to keep the marriage together. Or, perhaps the internet savvy couple may go there to start with. Sometime a couple may scope out online marriage counseling because they may want to avoid the embarrassment that may come from going to a regular counselor in their city where they might be seen.
What brings a married couple to an online marriage counseling site may have been facilitated by a number of factors. It could be infidelity, which is certainly devastating to the emotions of the couple, or it could be other trust issues that are more minor in scope. It could be that one or both people involved has put work above their relationship. Some couples who raised their children to adulthood are finding that now that the kids are gone, two strangers are living in the same household. It doesn’t even have to be that dramatic. Maybe they are starting to feel disconnected from each other, and want to get the spark they once had back on their relationship. These are just a few of the reasons couples are seeking online marriage counseling.


So, it seems that the internet has put in in a different realm of choices that were available to us years ago. Embarrassment, anonymity, and a number of other reasons lead many troubled couples straight to their computer. Maybe the couple lives in Small Town America. Sure, a counselor is supposed to keep sessions confidential, but what if neighbors and friends see them go into the office? Going online guarantees anonymity. Those that live in small towns may not have access to a variety of counseling services, so this can be another reason.And that’s not all bad.

Certainly there are some couples that need to sit down with a counselor and talk, but especially for emergency situations where the spouses need answers fast, marriage saving information from websites such as this one can be try helpful. Maybe the couple lives in Small Town America. It also can be that one person or the other in the relationship is trying to remain secret about their interest in counseling in the first place, not wanting to tell their partner about it at first, trying to gain information until they are sure this is the right move.

Another great positive is that if the marriage counseling program begins or is entirely in downloadable form, then the couples can start taking action right away. As is promoted in Dr. Lee Baucom’s Save the Marriage books, there are quick start guides that give you immediate emergency action steps to take when you feel that waiting any longer would be the death of your marriage.

One of the biggest reasons couples seek online marriage counseling is, of course, price. Some of the best marriage advice I have ever seen are found on this site for a complete package of less than $50. The cost of traditional marriage counseling can be high, $75-$100 or more per hour. You can compare prices of counselors online, and this cost can be substantially cheaper. Another reason is time. Today a lot of couples are both working, and do not have time to go to a traditional brick and mortar counseling service. Online services can be available when convenient, and fit around the couple’s schedule.

Another big reason couples look for online marriage counseling is because of the variety of services offered. Some sites offer general services, covering many different topics. Others are more specific, covering infidelity and other trust issues. As mentioned earlier, some couples simply feel disconnected, so there are a number of services geared around getting the spark back into a relationship that overall may not be in jeopardy.

Overall, online marriage counseling can be at least a positive supplement of an in person session. Some of the drawbacks can be finding the right material for your needs, and you may not ever be able to talk to the counselor face to face. You can’t necessarily pick up the phone and  just call them when you have a problem, etc.




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5 Responses to “Why Are Couples Seeking Online Marriage Counseling?”

  1. ed pierce says:

    We tried a traditional marriage counselor and it was a mess. The couple that ran the program didn’t really listen to what we had to say, they mostly went by the outline they had set up before even speaking to us. I think online counseling would work for many people.

    • That happens too often, Ed. There are some that are really good, and others that aren’t. I hope our site helps people with the selection process. Thanks much!

    • B.G. says:


      We had been involved with two different counselors. One was ok, the other seemed to never get to the point. I hope we can promote good options here on this site.

  2. aubree says:

    I think the main reason use online counseling is to save some of the embarrassment of having to tell a complete stranger that your marriage is failing. I have seen a shift over the years to more people using the internet to remain anonymous and if that gets them to open up more, then so be it.

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