Why Do Women Cheat?

Society tends to focus on men and their cheating, saying it has to do with a strong sex drive but we will talk about the other side of the coin now. Unfortunately and sadly, women cheat often too. No spouse has an excuse to cheat regardless of if it’s husband or wife. Focusing on your partner, loving, and satisfying their needs, and having your needs met should be the norm and where the attention goes. However, too often a spouse will go outside of the relationship. As with a man, when a woman cheats, it can cause just as much hurt and of anger when her partner discovers it. So, why do women cheat? What makes a women step outside of the matrimonial boundaries?

Women tend to crave being nurtured and cared for. They want to feel appreciated. Many women feel that their partner ignores the efforts they put into looking nice. They fail to notice the new hair cut or the new outfit. So when someone else does notice it can feel exhilarating. For women, affairs are rarely about sex.

This isn’t to say it doesn’t happen though. Some women say that they absolutely love their spouse. Yet they do not have the sexual behavior going on in the home that they desire. It could be due to medical problems, lack of interest, or even erectile dysfunction. Some women get offended when they want to experiment but their spouse doesn’t. Such reasons can lead them to cheating so that they have their wildest desires and sexual needs satisfied.

Some women aren’t really happy with settling down and having a routine. They want to have more freedom and excitement. Their lives have become routine and they already know what the intimacy and even the dinner conversation will be like. They want to be with someone else to make them feel attractive, young, and to explore that freedom.

Women with too much time on their hands can be caught off guard and put into positions where they may be tempted to cheat.  They feel that their spouse is always gone for work. They may have money. but that isn’t enough for them. They may find someone locally that they have an affair with. They may travel and meet new men from time to time. Women who travel for business may do this too as they feel it gives them power. However, why women cheat who seem to have it all is still quite a mystery to many others.

Some women feel that they have been with only one man and they are curious. They have an affair to find out what it is like to be with someone different. They may read lots of romance novels and feel that something is missing in their current relationship. They use the affair as a means of acting out a fantasy. They get to re-create themselves the way that they wish they had been all along.

Social media tends to play a huge role in why women cheat. This has become a danger for those who do not have extremely healthy marriages. They aren’t getting their emotional needs met at home. Even if they are in the house with the kids, they can connect with people online. This can be new people that they meet, connecting with old acquaintances, and even rekindling a romance with an old flame they never really got over. It can be a surge of pleasure and improve their self-esteem.

Yes, we normally think about a man cheating more than we do a woman. However, certainly women are tempted as well and both spouses should always be aware and guard their marriage. As stated, there are some reasons that a women will cheat on her husband, but they are not excuses. 

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